God's Message to America

On December 11, 2021, Sandy and I finished prayerwalking America yet again!

Our final walk was a continuation of our three previous walks across this country, the last one being a nine-month walk from Los Angeles to New York City. This time, I walked more than 3,500 miles on a prayer journey from Miami to Seattle, beginning on February 5. Here’s how this came about.

Shortly after reaching New York City on the last walk, Sandy and I flew to Israel, sensing that we were to pray for that land. If you’re familiar with my story, you know that God has often spoken to me through Johnny Walker whiskey ads, as my nickname during the first walk was Johnny Walker. The ad always says, “Johnny Walker, Keep on Walking.”

As Sandy and I were walking through a parking lot near the Old City of Jerusalem, we both stopped and stared. There was the ad, printed across a delivery truck and sure enough, I knew God was speaking to me again. I immediately assumed that it was Israel that God wanted me to walk, but as I prayed about it, I lacked the go-ahead in my spirit.

Not long ago I was prayerwalking our neighborhood, and I felt the Lord ask, “Are you willing to walk again?”

Before I had a chance to answer, I saw the route across America, from Miami to Seattle. To be honest, during my last walk, our administrator Ron Olson encouraged me to continue walking along this very route. At the time, I was road-weary, sweaty, had been bit by a chihuahua and totally focused on getting myself to New York City. Ron’s suggestion landed on deaf ears. 

Now I knew that Ron had heard from God, so I said, “Yes, Lord. I will walk again.”

This walk tied together everything God has had me do across America.

Our first prayer walk in 1998 went from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. God had spoken to me from Genesis 13:17, “Arise, walk the land, the length and the breadth of it, for I intend to give it to you.” I followed the Great River Road, Highway 61, praying for a free flow of the Holy Spirit’s river across our land that would bring a mighty revival.

Then, in 1999, I walked from the Pacific Ocean in Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware. I declared the need for heartfelt prayer from the Church, and warned that there were turbulent times coming to America, and Jesus is the only answer.

In 2000, God had us drive around the perimeter of America. We carried 50 golden stakes, each with a Bible verse for every state in America. God had us plant those stakes all along the route. We felt we were staking a tent of God’s presence over our land. God also instructed me to stop in four cities to blow the shofar and call for the winds of revival to blow through America. Interestingly, those cities were New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle.

I walked from Los Angeles to New York City two years ago, and now it’s time to connect the final two cities, Miami and Seattle. God has shown us the significance of this from Ezekiel 47:1-9. It’s the story of Ezekiel and the water he saw flowing from the temple of God. An angel measured out a thousand cubits and Ezekiel found the water was ankle deep. (This represents my first prayer walk.) The angel measured another thousand cubits and it was knee deep. (This represents the second prayer walk.) Then the angel measured a thousand cubits again and the water was waist deep. (This represents the third prayer walk.) Finally, the angel measured a thousand cubits more, and Ezekiel found it had become a great river that was well over his head. Everywhere the river flowed, it brought life. (This represents this fourth prayer walk, and the awakening that God intends to send!)

The turbulent times I saw more than 20 years ago began shortly after when 9/11 hit, and have continued to intensify until the days we find ourselves in right now. The burden Sandy and I continue to carry is for another great awakening to sweep through America. An awakening so intense and so deep that it changes the very fabric of the American soul.

This is not a call for political action. It is not about man’s kingdom, but God’s Kingdom. Politics will not solve the nation’s problems nor bring about the life-changing encounter with Jesus that our Heavenly Father desires. This walk was a call for unified, heartfelt prayer that will reach the very throne of heaven and will see God answer with a wonderful outpouring of the waters of revival.

Pray Church, pray! Come Holy Spirit, come!

John and Sandy Halvorsen.jpg
John & Sandy Halvorsen

John Halvorsen’s walk with the Lord has been “unique” to say the least.

His life of ministry started when he was born again on a five-month canoe trip into the Arctic Ocean. He then started working in Christian drug rehabilitation. In fact, in 1980 he took a group of ex-addicts down the Mississippi River in a voyageur canoe, breaking a world speed record. That exploit landed him on the 700 Club and made news across the nation.

He entered pastoral ministry and began travelling as a prophetic voice to the nations. From 1991-1996, he and his wife Sandy served as missionaries to Ireland where they planted a church in Killarney, County Kerry. They returned to the USA after sensing a strong calling back to America.

In 1998 and 1999, John was led to prayerwalk across America. Sensing that tumultuous times were coming to our nation, he began Prayer Walk America, and walked from the Canadian border in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, then walked from the Pacific Ocean in Oregon to the Atlantic Ocean in Delaware. It was about a 5,000-mile prayer walk. He was calling the nation to repentance and the Church to prayer. That was shortly before 9/11.

From 2003 until 2018, John served as the lead pastor at Great Lakes Church in Duluth, Minnesota. During that time, he felt the Lord calling him to walk again, and he prayerwalked over 6,000 miles across Eurasia, from Portugal to the Chinese border, praying that the presence of God would cover the world, and ancient doors of hostility would open to the Lord. Sandy joined him on that adventure, just as she had on the first Prayer Walk America journey.

In 2015, John heard the Lord directing him to take the “Appeal to Heaven” flag to the North and South Poles, making a prophetic declaration that the gospel has reached the ends of the earth, and the Lord wants His world back. He reached the North Pole in 2016, and the South Pole in 2017.

From the fall of 2018 to the summer of 2019, John prayerwalked some 3,200 miles from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City.

John and Sandy have four wonderful children and 12 marvelous grandchildren. They continue to live in Duluth, Minnesota.

Ron and Linda 4.jpg
Ron & Linda Olson

Ron Olson has been active in various ministry endeavors for more than 30 years. He has been on church staff, been a part of the leadership team of a number of churches, worked with Ed Silvoso and Harvest Evangelism, and has traveled throughout the United States, speaking to church and marketplace groups. He has ministered internationally, but his heart is for America, a focus that grew out of his involvement with Prayer Walk America.

He and his wife Linda were part of the original Prayer Walk America team in 1998, an experience that changed the course of their family’s lives. Linda coordinated intercessory prayer on behalf of the ministry, and their family split time between their home in Minnesota and life on the road with John.

Ron watched God perform miracle after miracle as He supernaturally enabled the team to fulfill its first mission to America. His role was described in Worldwide Challenge magazine as “the administrative muscle” behind the ministry. He “went ahead,” sometimes by phone, sometimes in person, talking to pastors in the cities John was about to walk through, as well as coordinating press exposure with newspapers, radio and television stations. That exposure enabled John to present God’s message to literally millions of people across the nation.

Talking to six or seven pastors a day, five days a week, all across the United States, gave Ron a view of the American church that was unlike anything he had ever experienced. That opened his eyes to the condition of the Church, and kindled a desire to see believers step into their true role and step out of the church to bring God’s love to a hurting world.

Ron is also a writer, and has co-written or edited a number of books, one of which was turned into a television series airing on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

He and Linda have two children and four grandchildren (who Linda loves to babysit), and make their home in Minnesota.


An Appeal to Heaven

"Father, we appeal to heaven. May Your kingdom come to America.
May Your glory be seen in our land.
May a Great Awakening touch this great nation."