You Can Be Part of Prayer Walk America

John knows he can’t accomplish this task on his own. And he knows it goes far beyond this walk. It’s going to take believers everywhere to stand up and say, “I want to be part of God’s plan for America!” Here’s how you can join the team.



It all begins with prayer. Whether you are praying alone or in groups of caring Christians who are hungry for more, the prayer of agreement is a powerful weapon against the enemy, and for the purposes of God in our nation. Each week, we will send out a Prayer Alert that will list some of the things we feel God wants us to emphasize in prayer. You can sign up for the Alert and join the Prayer Team here.



As John comes through your area on his 3,500-mile journey, we would love to have you join him on the walk. It can be for a mile or for a day, but it is a great opportunity to put your feet to the land and pray for your community and this country. Check out the Where’s John? page to see how close he is to you.



John and the team would love to pray and minister at a prayer rally or church service in your area. It’s a great way to bring together God’s people and receive an impartation of His enabling grace to see transformation happen in your community. Call or send us a note to arrange a meeting.



Crossing America and living in an RV for nine months requires the help of others. Is God stirring you to make a contribution to help complete this walk? You can give through our Donate page here. Your help in this way is much needed and greatly appreciated.


An Appeal to Heaven

"Father, we appeal to heaven. May Your kingdom come to America.
May Your glory be seen in our land.
May a Great Awakening touch this great nation."