Our Hezekiah Moment

Sandy Halvorsen -

“Let’s drive to Key West. There’s a marker there that says it’s the southernmost point of the continental Unites States!”

John’s idea didn’t surprise me. For as long as I’ve known him, the Lord has been directing him to end-of-the-earth places, and I’ve learned to anticipate a prophetic adventure as he follows the Lord’s lead.

We had just arrived in Miami to begin Prayer Walk America #4, but having an extra day to spare, the seven of us piled into a rental car and made the three-hour trip to Key West. It’s a scenic drive of world-class beauty, and if you haven’t yet taken Highway 1 south from Miami, you should seriously consider it for the ocean

views alone.

Several things were on our to-do list for the day: eating key lime pie and ice cream; walking the main drag, Duval Street; and of course, finding the famed marker that John had mentioned. So, we journeyed to America’s southernmost town, found parking and set out on foot. Sunset was approaching as we accomplished our goals for the day and arrived at the 12-foot-tall concrete buoy, one of the most visited and photographed attractions in the United States.

The Key West sunset is a beauty to behold, and we gazed at it with love for our Creator, also having our photographs taken next to the famed marker. As we enjoyed the colors of the evening sky, both John and our daughter, Laura, sensed the same word from the Lord.

Laura said, “I just felt the Lord saying that the sun is setting on America, and times of darkness are coming.”

“I heard the same thing,” John replied. “God said that the sun is setting on America. But I got the distinct impression that if we will turn our faces to the wall and cry out to the Lord as Hezekiah did when he was dying, the Lord will hear our prayers and will cause the shadow to go back on the sundial and give our nation extra years of life.

“Not only did Hezekiah personally receive more years, but due to his prayers, the whole kingdom of Judah obtained deliverance from the Assyrian army that had laid siege to her cities.

“Jesus is calling us to enter into His Hezekiah-intercession for a dying America. He wants to cause the shadow to go back, granting us extra years to accomplish our purpose of carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth.”

Looking back at old photos from 1983, the curb by the marker had originally been painted with the words “Where America Begins.”

Now, as if to mark the passage of time, that declaration has been replaced with the words, “Home of the Sunset.” It seemed like a declaration that America’s day was ending.

It was a defining moment for Prayer Walk America #4, Miami to Seattle. The walk’s message had just been given to us by the Lord of Glory, and it was a continuation of the word He had spoken over the 2018-19 walk from Los Angeles to New York City.

At that time we had walked for days across the barren Mojave Desert, interceding for the rain of the Holy Spirit to fall on our spiritually dry nation.

One day the Lord spoke to my heart saying, “The rain that I’m looking for is an outpouring of the tears of the intercessors and the sobbing of a repentant Church. When I see a flood of those tears, I will answer with the mighty rain of My Spirit in nationwide revival.”

His voice had me undone, and since then I’ve been asking Him to grant that spirit of intercession to Christians worldwide.

We cannot manufacture this. It is a gift of God’s grace alone. When we receive it, we will know it is from God, and until we receive it, revival will tarry.

Charles Finney, of the second Great Awakening, had written that three things were needed for a people to be spiritually revived.

  1. A spirit of heartfelt repentance coming upon the Church.

  2. A spirit of intense prayer coming upon the Church.

  3. The Holy Spirit preaching of the Word flowing from the Church.

So as John prayerwalks from Miami to Seattle, would you “turn your face to the wall” and cry out for these graces to be bestowed on God’s people?

When the sun nears the horizon it sets very quickly into the sea, and so we have only a short window of time to see the shadow move back on the sundial of our dying nation, granting extra years of life.

Only a praying Church can accomplish this. Join us in earnest intercession.

It is our Hezekiah moment!


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