Prayerwalking Old Florida

Sandy Halvorsen -

John was very sure he was to walk up the center of Florida, from Miami into Georgia. “How about walking a coastal route?” I offered. “We would have some nice scenery that way.”

“Not a coastal route,” he replied. “I can’t tell you why, but I know I need to walk up the center of the state.”

So, US Highway 27 was the chosen pathway through Florida, as we began our trek from Miami to Seattle.

We are northerners, so please forgive some of our ignorance of Florida’s history. Along with the rest of America, we have vacationed on her coasts and visited the Orlando and Pensacola areas, but have never before spent extended time in Florida’s heartland, from where her life emanates. It was about to be an unforgettable experience!

This is John’s fourth walk across America, and there can be a tendency to think, Ho-Hum, nothing new here. However, I had a sense from the beginning of the walk that this next ten-month period was not going to be business as usual. But no one could have known that 12 days into the walk, John would come down with Covid pneumonia.

We had just cleared the Everglades region, known for her gators and snakes, and arrived in Clewiston when John announced, “I can’t go another step. I’m totally exhausted. The grace to walk has lifted and I feel God saying, ‘I will make you lie down in green pastures, to restore your soul.’”

What was going on??!!

Yes, for a few days John had been battling a low-grade fever and fatigue, which we had attributed to sun sickness, but he had been walking through it with ibuprofen and God’s help. Now he felt that much-needed grace from God had lifted.

In all of his prayerwalking adventures, John had ALWAYS had grace to push through whatever came.

This had NEVER happened before, and the Lord had our full attention.

About this time, we heard a 2018 prophetic word from Chuck Pierce that identified a large spiritual entity like a snake, coming up the center of Florida. He identified its head as resting in the north of the state, and its influence extending to the nation. As a prophetic act, he had the congregation stand and stomp vigorously, as though crushing its head.

We realized that in this land of reptiles, that ancient serpent himself had decided to bite John’s heel. But we had a mandate from God to walk the length of Florida and crush that serpent’s head, so some head-crushing was in order!

We parked for a few days at a Loves Truck Stop, hoping that with some rest, John’s symptoms would improve, but it was not to happen. The fever increased and he started having a concerning cough. An Urgent Care visit revealed a positive Covid test, and then a 4am ER visit revealed what they called Ground Glass pneumonia in both lungs. He was hospitalized for IV therapy, and after 12 walking days we were stopped in the center of Old Florida Seminole country.

Amazingly, on day 11 when he was walking through Clewiston, a local intercessor named Ana had seen John’s Appeal to Heaven flag and pulled over to ask what he was up to. When told about the prayer walk, she got excited and passed the word to Donna, an intercessor in the next town. She contacted us and when she heard about John’s illness declared, “It is no mistake that the Lord has stopped you right here! You are in the Seminole heartland and God is getting your attention!”

Donna, her hubby Kelvin and her Seminole friend, Rita, visited us in the Moore Haven campground two days before John’s hospitalization. They brought him chicken noodle soup and other wonderful gifts, the most precious of which was prayer. It was as though they wrapped the tent of God’s presence around us as we sojourned in their area!

The day John was hospitalized, Rita walked around the hospital seven times, “war-whooping” each time she passed his window. The next day, Helen Utegaard and her Lightnings Ministry team from Clearwater came to lay hands on the wall of the hospital and powerfully pray for John’s healing and for the healing of America. The day after that, Donna invited me to their Thursday evening prayer meeting at The Ark in Moore Haven, and gave me a Florida flag, which was a total game-changer regarding our prayers for revival.

We were learning that effective snake-stomping was a team sport. The big feet of these intercessors had joined with ours to stomp on that old serpent’s head, and he was going down!

The Florida flag, with a red St. Patrick’s Cross like a big red X on a white background, and the Florida state seal in the center, began to prophesy to me loudly of God’s revival plans for not just America, but for the four corners of the world. It was clear to me that intercession was at the very center of His plans.

In prayer before the walk began, I had seen Holy Spirit fire blazing up from Miami, through Florida and out to the nation. As our faith rests on the power of Jesus’ shed blood, the red color of the St. Patrick’s cross shouted to me, “BLOOD and FIRE!!! BLOOD and FIRE!!! BLOOD and FIRE!!!”

That Cross shoots across the flag like arrows to each of its four corners, so the powerful words of “BLOOD and FIRE” were now shooting far out beyond Florida, and going to the four corners of the earth. The flag was speaking loudly to me of worldwide REVIVAL and was shouting in thundering tones, “BLOOD AND FIRE FROM HEAVEN TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!”

Imposed over the center of the cross is the Florida state seal, featuring a Seminole woman, assumed to be Millie Francis, the first woman in America to receive the congressional Medal of Honor. She stands right over the words, “In God We Trust.”

As I looked into the very sad history of the Seminole wars in Florida, I saw that Millie had interceded for the life of an American soldier captured by warriors of her tribe, and he had been spared because of her cries.

As Jesus has done for us, she had fulfilled the role of a true intercessor, pleading for the life of one about to die, and had been heard. Millie Francis became known all across America as a woman who had changed history, bravely risking herself to win the life of an enemy. I don’t know if Millie had received the Christian faith, but her incredible actions showed the world that she fully lived the motto, In God We Trust.

As the Florida flag continued to speak to me, I saw that intercession stood at the center of all God intended to pour out on this globe. People who would trust in God and cry out on behalf of others were what He was waiting for. The realization made me want to shout!

Meanwhile, the major take-away that John was hearing from the Lord in his hospital room was the importance of intimacy with the Father. He was to leave all busyness behind and refocus on Jesus as his first love, and then dwell in his PEACE. The Lord was saying, “Lay down by these still waters. Let Me restore and reset your heart on Mine so that you go to this nation riding on My breath only. You do the walking and I will breathe into America that she might LIVE!”

The truth of Romans 16:20 was being impressed upon us in no uncertain terms. This was God’s strategy for effective snake-stomping. “The God of PEACE will soon CRUSH SATAN underneath YOUR (plural) feet.”

Five days later, John was released from the hospital, and after some recuperation time, picked up the walk where he had left off. In a few weeks he was able to resume his pace of 16 miles a day.

As we walked up US Highway 27, we learned of the many layers of Florida history that needed prayer, and at the same time met many intercessors that were actively praying over these very things.

Rita Youngman, her pastor Walt Taylor and the First Indian Baptist Church on the Brighton Seminole Reservation are prophetically warring for the important Seminole/ Creek layer of our history. We were so blessed to worship with them while we were in Seminole heartland. (I think I have Seminole blood!) Rita and then Wesley Weaver from Intercession City, were the only intercessors to actually walk with John in Florida. Rita joined us through the Lake Placid area and again in Tallahassee, where she spread salt for the healing of the land as she walked.

Arabella and Wesley Weaver are actively reviving Intercession City in the center of the state, and calling her back into her role of bringing unity amongst intercessors so that revival will powerfully flow across the state and beyond. We toured the city with them and were so blessed to fellowship with such wonderful saints of God!

We were prayed over and sent forth by Michael Baxley and his team of intercessors in Ocala, who are actively dealing with the deeper Timucuan layer of history, which opened a portal to sun worship and child sacrifice in Florida.

Cross City brought intercessors Cindy Bellot and Michelle Riels, members of HAPN, to pray over our journey. Cindy later met to pray with us in Tallahassee, and Michelle invited us to her church on the Suwannee River, where they intercede powerfully for Florida.

In Perry, Marshall Combs and his group of intercessors laid the worship layer of intercession, washed John’s feet and sent us forth to Tallahassee.

US 27 took us right to the state capital buildings where we were met by capital intercessor Pam Olsen and 16 others including Rita, Cindy Bellot, some Ocala intercessors and the Weavers. From this strategic place, the head of the snake, these mighty prayer warriors prayed over John, sending him forth to march through the nation, as they remained in Florida, actively stomping!

We were a month behind schedule, but had been so enriched, sharpened and refocused through our sojourn in Old Florida, that it was all very worth the Covid trial we had been through.

God is calling all of us to join this company of spiritual snake-stompers. As you walk forth to answer His call, remember that it’s a team sport, and the God of PEACE does the crushing using our feet as we pray in unity with each other. The result will be His BLOOD AND FIRE shooting forth to the ends of the earth in powerful REVIVAL!


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