The Inuit Blanket Toss

John Halvorsen -

God gave me a picture of an Inuit custom in order to tell me what He was about to do with believers everywhere.

It was a typical Saturday night prayer session, with about a dozen of us gathered to seek the Lord, and I had already started to plan my third walk across America.

Unexpectedly, a picture came into my mind. It was of an Inuit custom called the “blanket toss.” Villagers were holding onto the edge of a blanket and were tossing one of their own high into the air.

Like climbing a tree, natives used the blanket toss to position a spotter high enough to see game that could be miles away across a flat, frozen tundra. The spotter stays standing in the blanket as he is repeatedly catapulted into the air. I shared the vision with the group and together we pondered its meaning.

After a while I felt the Lord say He was about to launch people into adventures of faith. The blanket is held by many hands (the Church) and the toss is a launch into bold faith adventures. We pulled up video about this Inuit custom on YouTube, and while we watched, God highlighted four truths to us.

1. It takes courage to agree to be tossed.

Many people can receive a calling from the Lord, but not everyone says yes to His call. Saying yes takes faith and courage, as it usually requires stepping out into the unknown and away from the familiar and safe.

2. It takes balance to stay standing.

Think of the story of Peter stepping over the edge of the boat. He was first standing, then began walking on the water, and then began to sink. We can only keep our balance in an unfamiliar atmosphere by keeping our eyes on Jesus. Making anything else the center of our vision will cause us to misstep, falter, and fail. He alone is our balance!

3. It takes a group of dedicated folks to hold the blanket and do the tossing.

No man is an island. We need each other to keep a firm grip on the blanket as the Holy Spirit launches us, and to be there to catch us in prayer as we return.

4. Everyone should do it.

The Lord has a calling on the life of everyone who believes in Him! He has great exploits planned for each of us. Exploits in which the enemy will be defeated and Jesus will be glorified in our lives and land. We can disqualify ourselves so easily for any number of reasons, but in the mind of the Lord, none of His sheep are disqualified. His plan for accomplishing exploits in the Kingdom includes each and every one of us.

My prayer is that each of us will say yes to the calling of the Lord as He beckons us into exploits of faith and adventure. That we will each keep our hearts and eyes on Jesus, stay in His perfect balance, and return our eyes to Him if we ever let them stray. And finally, I pray that we each remain in committed relationship with other believers who will stand with us, pray for us, love us, and “catch” us again and again as the Lord shoots us ever upward in the blanket of His grace.

Nothing is impossible with our God!



An Appeal to Heaven

"Father, we appeal to heaven. May Your kingdom come to America.
May Your glory be seen in our land.
May a Great Awakening touch this great nation."